Everyone can benefit from the Rhodes Piano Method!

Rhodes Piano Bunch (ages 4-6 years)

The Rhodes Piano Bunch is the perfect introduction and innovative approach to musical learning!

Our unique visual tools and games make the piano fun and students are able to create music from the very first session.

The Rhodes Piano Method will bridge the knowledge gap to piano starting as young as four years of age!

A month with Rhodes will make a lifetime of difference!

Rhodes Piano Lab (ages 7-11 years)

The award winning Rhodes Piano Method is designed for students to learn piano and music theory at a young age. Through hands on group instruction, games, and popular tunes, kids are able to discover piano and the joy of making music.

“Every Good Boy Does not do Fine” at Rhodes because we teach differently and use a logical approach to piano and music instruction.

Only Rhodes will teach left hand development and complex reading of notes in the first semesters!

A month with Rhodes will make a lifetime of difference!

Rhodes Piano (Teens/Adults/Seniors)

Enjoy the journey! At Rhodes, we believe that everyone can learn to play the piano. Our instructors will guide you step-by-step using the award-winning Rhodes Piano Method with support and encouragement. Learn by playing popular songs and melodies (including Classical, Blues, and Jazz).

A month with Rhodes can make a lifetime of difference!

We know at Rhodes that your child spending a month with us will make a lifetime of difference.