About Us

Building on 80 Years of Innovative Music Instruction

The Rhodes Piano Method is based on the teaching methods of Harold Rhodes, inventor of the Rhodes electric piano. Today, the Rhodes Piano Method is expanding this group piano program throughout the Eastern United States!

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Where can you find us?

Currently, we teach piano to children starting at three years of age at all types of institutions; Charter Schools, Day Schools, Montessori Schools, Retail Centers, Summer Camps, and Recreation Departments in the New York area!

We are a group piano and music teaching outreach company servicing all communities.

We supply instruments for each student, with our unique methodology, and the accredited Rhodes teachers educating the students.

We look forward to expanding our teaching service beyond New York to the Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts areas, and California.

Our goal at Rhodes Music Education is not to build “concert pianists” but to develop students who become “music hobbyists”.

We know at Rhodes that your child spending a month with Rhodes will make a lifetime of difference.